A Classic Cap 110

SRO Times is a well-known example of a classic game that gives you a genuine old-school experience while also giving you the chance to play and make money in the largest Silkroad community ever!

Experience Classless
Open Market

In the first time in Silkroad, you will be able to showcase, sell and earn by selling your items or characters, all deals are secured by the server. However, we presenting you a different game-play, you are not going to pay in an over-edited server, SRO Times presenting you the real Old School atmosphere.

The Burning Legion
New Events

SROTimes Chapter II has introduced new in-game events, including the "Treasure Hunt" and a grand PvP tournament , in addition to the unique and improved game events to keep players engaged and entertained. These events add a fresh layer of excitement to the game.

Unique World Events
Achievement System

We know how important any game is when there's achievement and reward, therefore, in SRO Times you will find many achievements that indeed will give you a pleasant rewards, as well as the entertainment you will be having during exploring the achievements itself .